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Since 1993: (EU patent 0623277) with over 400,000 connections the most successful

crown bracing system in the world, developed in 2005 under the name boa .

The brand with a safe future


PP-hollow rope with long-term stability


assembled boa - tree cabling system


shock absorber with effective swing-possibility at low winds for compensation


expansion insert


colour coded disc 2015 - anti-abrasion hose (PP)

Treetops are complex enough - therefore just boa!

  • Competent optimized for ZTV-Baumpflege (guidelines for German tree care standards) application recommendation 12 years, with certificate
  • Quality = safety = long-life cycle = cost reduction, manufactured by the two noted ropery in Germany
  • Strong, tested static and dynamically in 2 testing laboratory Lloyd and Edelrid
  • Safe, verified endurance, tested by the testing laboratory Germanische Lloyd





The crosswise-compatibility: Genial and easy because everything fits together!

Easy, crosswise-compatibility at 2 to, 4 to und 8 to. Available only and exclusiv at arboa logo 100.

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  • Effective swing-possibility at low winds with the shock absorber
  • easy: dynamic securing with shock absorber static securing and carrying securing without shock absorber
  • Quick, clean and assembled without tools



Innovation... the first Kinking-free rope in the world ...exclusive at arboa

No rope tangle at 2 to and 4 to
Utility patent no. 20 2006 002665.7


  • It is a nuisance to arborists when a cable comes of the spool tangled. Boa hollow cable employs a special, newly patent winding method/ Kinking free
    which ensures that the 2 to and the 4 to cables come of the spool tangle free.








  • Take it out of the red bag for a Kinking free extraction of the rope at 2 and 4 to




Colour-coded disc of boa

  • Easy to check – UV proof, c o l o u r coded disc which shows the year of installation according to ZTV-Baumpflege

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The assembly of boa

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boa assembly tips

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