DE Patent Nr. 102006014541 /
EU. Patent Nr. 1998606, made with Laser in Germany


arbofix are available in 5 sizes

arbofix: The invisible revolution of securing trees


  • In cooperation with one of Europe's biggest tree nurseries we developed a system that radically altered the plant-securing ( provided that quality planting material is used ) - arbofix
  • arbofix blocks the rotary motion of the round rootball in it's planting hole like a peg.
  • The fastest installation of all systems (Test LLFG 02. 11. 2007)
  • According to the rule type no unwanted root pressing, no retension necessary.
  • You can forget the securing-device after planting the tree: no maintenance needed, no removing, but also no invitation for vandalism.
  • conform to the FLL-recommendation and DIN18916
  • it passed the extreme performance tests by:
    • Orkan Kyrill 18.1.07, Sturmtief Paula 26.1.08,
    • Orkan Emma 1.3.08,
    • Sturmtief Xynthia 28.2.2010,
    • Sturmtief Andrea 5.1.2012.
    • und Orkan Christian 28.10.2013
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  • arbofix is unique in his function, there is no equivalent product

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arbofix function: the taproot of iron

setting up arbofix

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The principle of arbofix: blocking of the rotary motion




arbofix handling:

The fastest installation of all systems (Test LLFG 02. 11. 2007)


The nature trusts the taproot. We also!

  • Indeed, the tree loses them in the tree nursery already with the first undercut. The new roots raise beside. So the rootball becomes bigger and rounder with every plantation with the transplanting machine which means that no more roots are growing in the middle of the rootball. A round packed rootball arrieves at the place of plantation, so it is easy for a strong wind to turn around the rootball. In the past it was solved with a crutch the tripod of stakes.
  • What could be better to give back the lost taproot to the tree, since a closed rootball with wire and jute was established and don´t have to be removed anymore.
  • The double skewer, the taproot of iron, blockst he rotary motion of the rootball planting hole in case of a windstorm. The rootball hast o transfer the energy between the trunk and the arbofix.


  • The stopping disc restrict the depth of ingression. Absolute no injury of the roots
  • arbofix consist of fading iron which is good compatible by plants. Responsible for the clorophyll.
  • The advantage of arbofix compared with all hitherto anchorages is the clear saving of time:
    • Three hits with the hammer are enough, until the bale-sided skewer is locked in the central ring of the bale basket. Probe the middle of the planting hole. Lift the rootball (with rootball hook), straightening the tree and lower down or straightening in a long hole, depending on the weight of the rootball. Fill up the planting hole and water.
    • Suggested from arboa: The 3-dimensional bale grabber arboHand of the company J. Kreye, Bad Zwischenahn, is a new development to improve the handling while planting, lockable on every hydraulic power unit

Optimally with heavy bales: The 3-dimensional bale grabber






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